Have you heard of the Squishy mat? It’s a portable, easy to clean mat that contains almost one inch of Memory Foam, making a soft spot for your sweet kids. Like any 4th child, my little summit gets hand me downs from his siblings. So by the time he gets something, it’s been used at least twice! 

You can’t imagine how excited he was for his very own Squishy Mat! The thought behind these mats is that Sitting on the floor gets uncomfortable for anyone so Squishy mats made a comfortable spot to encourage parents, grand-parents and caregivers to get down on the floor and play with the kids. How sweet is that? You can take a Squishy Mats to an outdoor concert, baby yoga or your older kids’ sporting events because they are easy to clean and make any seat comfortable.

I love they easily fold up so you can take them anywhere and are machine washable. If it’s not machine washable it doesn’t make it into our house with 4 kids 😉



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They also have a changing pad size which would make changing your babies diaper easy for you and the baby! They even have Squishy Mats for dogs! I know my dogs would love one!